Instructional simulation: from theory to practice

Charles Xie has written a review of my book “Simulation and learning”, you can read it here:

Doctor Xie is a senior scientist at the Concord Consortium, where he has developed and co-developed Energy2D, Energy3D, Molecular Workbench and Quantum Workbench (see links below). These are amazing instructional simulations that have been used by countless students around the world!

The review perfectly captures the main idea of my book, namely the interplay between computer-based simulation and the cognitive capacity of mental simulation. I’m really honored by that!

If you are a teacher, parent or scientist, interested in science education, don’t forget to visit the following links:

Energy2D-ConductionVsConvectionA model that shows the difference between natural convection and conduction. Image from a simulation conducted with the Energy2D simulation program, courtesy of the Concord Consortium. Web site

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